Bassplayer, musical director, arranger and songwriter, working with some of the best selling artists in Denmark and Europe.

through all areas of the bass (electric, synth, double bass), it’s only natural for me, as a session bass player, to cover most styles of music too.
For me, it has always been the melodic aspect of music that has had my true passion, and bass is in the unique position, to blend the melodic aspect with the rhythmic. And in my opinion, both have to equally present.
I’ve been touring steady since 2006, and have had the pleasure of playing the biggest arenas, venues and open air festivals in Denmark, and doing extensive touring in Europe and the rest of the world, including Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Russia, and many more.

Musical Director
Since I started touring, I’ve always been fascinated of the really well arranged shows of the big artists around the world, and I’ve always loved - weather as an audience or a bass player - to listen to the re-arranged live versions of the tracks. In a live concert, there’s more room for re-arrangements, intro’s, solo’s, build up’s and climaxes than on a cd.
My goal as a musical director is always to expose new sides of the songs melody and feeling, but still with respect for the original version. To exaggerate the dynamics of the music. Make the quiet more intimate, and the climaxes bigger.
I do everything from arrangements in chords, horn arrangements, string arrangements, down to setting up the backtracks with redundant systems (two parallel systems that are in sync).

Already being a musical director, it was a natural “next step” move for me to start arranging. So when I got the opportunity to arrange the voices of a string quartet for a series of acoustic shows for danish house hold name Nik & Jay, I jumped right in.
Since then I’ve arranged a variety of different constallations, including: string trio, celtic harpe, clarinet, horns, and solo cello.

I also have a minor degree in arrangement from the Danish Rhythmic Conservatory.

As a songwriter, I work as “the glue” or bridge between the top liner and producer.
Being a musical director has given me plenty of experience to assist with the production of the song, weather it be chordal structure in the song (guitar or piano), or synth programming, and sound production.
Coming from a home with a guitar and a baby grand piano, I have always written songs, and have a natural flair for melody, and will pitch in with the top liner, to bring chords, production and top line together, and make the song as strong as it can be.

Amongst others, I have had the pleasure to work with (live or recording):
Medina (DK), Kylie Minogue (UK), Blue (UK), Atomic Kitten (UK), Nik & Jay (DK), Burhan G (DK), Rasmus Seebach (DK), Rick Astley (UK), 7 Aurelius (US), Cutfather (DK) Bryan Rice, Orange Blue (DE), Ida Corr, Deekay Music (Sugababes, JLS,, Lemar (UK)), Morten Breum, GL Music, Bombay Rockers, and many more..

   Television Work
* X-Factor DK Season 3, 4, 6 and 7 (The biggest entertainment show ever in Denmark)
* Eurovision 2008, 2009 (over 100 million viewers pr show)
* Mentor Season 1 (Talent show headed by danish celebrity Thomas Blachman)
   And an additional 40+ appearances on international TV stations, and danish national TV.

    Studio Work
Appearing on over 20 albums, including:
2 Platinum Singles Burhan G: "Jeg Vil Ha' Dig For Mig Selv", Rasmus Seebach: "Lidt I Fem"
4 Multi Platinum Albums Rasmus Seebach "Rasmus Seebach" (12 x Platinum)
Burhan G "Burhan G" (4 x Platinum)
Various Artists "MGP 2007" (3 x Platinum)
Various Artists "MGP 2008 (1 x Platinum)
4 Gold SinglesThomas Ring: "My Dream" (X-Factor winner song), Anna David: "Chill"
Thomas Buttenschon: "Smukkere End Smuk" & "Fantastiske Mandag"

5 Gold AlbumsThomas Buttenschon "Fantastiske Mandag" & "Billeder Af Min Baggaard"
Anna David "2"
Various Artists "DMGP 2008"
I have also recorded for 7 Aurelius (US), Rick Astley (UK), Orange Blue (DE)